Fantasy On An Orchid

ID: SM-000226110
ComposerDonald Sade
PublisherDonald Sade
Year of composition 2015
Genre Classical / Contemporary
Instrumentation Classical guitar
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Duration 10'0"
Movement(s) 1 to 1 from 1
Difficulty Advanced
Description Solo for classical guitar inspired by a fragment of a story (page 1 in preview).
A contemporary piece in quartal harmony which also features various tonal qualities of the guitar, such as tasto, ponticello, and harmonics. Melodic themes represent the Traveler and the Lady of the Orchid. Sixteenth note runs and arpeggios suggest the vines. The Orchid and the Crystal are indicated by harmonic passages. A performance has been posted at
Upload date 17.05.2015


Sheet music file
3.00 USD
PDF, 241.1 Kb (8 p.)


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