Donald Sade

Donald Sade

Donald Sade is an amateur folksinger, songwriter, composer, classical guitarist, and luthier. This site makes available folk-song arrangements, original songs, solo works for classical guitar, and scores for chamber groups and small orchestras.

Latest posting: "Raven And Sea Otter", for voice and guitar.

Recent  postings : 

"Little Turtle Dove", for voice and guitar.

"Petals Of The Rose", for voice and guitar.

"Queen Of Hearts", for voice and guitar.

"The Dying Dragon Wept Tears Of Stone", for solo guitar.

"Evie's Moth", for guitar and narrator.

"Shepard Of The Trees", for woodwind quintet.

"Study Missing From Sor Op. 31", for solo guitar.

"Jack And The Beanstalk", for narrator and four guitars.

"Melkor's Salvation", for solo guitar.